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Technoculture: Culture as Living Technology

A research-driven practice, expanding the science of information through the technology of culture.

Through interdisciplinary research, experimentation
& design I am working to develop regenerative, contextually aware,
embodied & empathic technologies.

Part of my core aim is expanding the understanding and applications of the vast & varied fields of information systems/science. Technoculture (culture as technology as culture) is a word I use to label this body of ongoing research, development and design.  

The key methodologies:

- Proposing new questions
- Experimenting with cultural codes
- Developing new technologies
- Outlining & developing new frameworks
- Designing new products & systems
- Archiving

Technoculture is a neologism that is not in standard dictionaries but that has some popularity in academia, popularized by editors Constance Penley and Andrew Ross in a book of essays bearing that title. It refers to the interactions between, and politics of, technology and culture. By positing that technology, culture and biological life are in fact inseperable, I distinguish my approach to the field of research and practice by recognizing a non-anthropocentric, post-human view of technology & culture; reorienting Technoculture as having roots in the behaviors of non-human animals and nature more broadly.

Our Strange World, The Human Soul Project (2009)

Pandrogeny (2014)

Another World Is Possible: Race & Gender in the Age of Transhumanism (2015)

Cosmosapiens: Imagining Trans-digital Pandrogenous Futures (2019)

Museum of Contemporary Beauty (2020)

The Emergence of Hyperreality: Community Reimagined (2020)

Playable Memories: Exploring the Possibilities of Mixed Reality Gaming (2020)

Teleportation Beta: Long-term Potentials of Local-Global Regenerative Manufacturing Networks

The Navigator, Quantum AI : Tunneling Via Neural Network Using Color Coding Method

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) already here?

Wearable XR Headset as companion to, rather than replacement of, the mobile phone.

Turning El Malo, a rum-focused listening bar in Atlanta, GA, into a playable digital twin.

Is it possible to connect to the internet with our bodies?

Exploring the possibilities of a Quantum Internet of Things.

Custom Augmented Reality eyewear.

A solar-powered personal archive.

A community time capsule.

Developing a playable solarpunk GTA mod to simulate a fully regenerative economy.

Designing wearable tech and textile-based data storage.

Loadable cash cards for people experiencing houselessness.

Is it possible to have culture without cults?

Methods for full human physical replication.

Creating a framework for full systems health & wellness infrastructure.