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New Extractivism

A new form of extractivism defines life in the 21st Century. It is one that reaches into the furthest corners of the biosphere and the deepest layers of human cognitive and affective being: the stack that underpins contemporary technological systems goes well beyond the multi-layered ‘technical stack’ of data modeling, hardware, servers, and networks. Today’s full stack reaches into capital, labor, and nature, while demanding an enormous amount from each.This animation and accompanying diagram gather together different concepts and images of the new extractivism, proposing a semi coherent picture of the full stack. The concepts that it presents are mostly represented in the form of visual allegories. Dictionaries define allegory as a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. All of these allegories and concepts gathered here add up to a blueprint—for a machine-like superstructure; a super allegory that encompasses the whole world. What we have here is an almost fractal allegorical structure—an allegory within an allegory within an allegory…“

Essay, concept and maps - Vladan Joler Animation - Živa Stanojević and Aleksandar Ilić
Music - Igor Lečić