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YOO.Gen is an interactive storyworld engine & second life platform. 
The simulation environment represents the full realization of integrated information through the evolution of Technoculture & a testing ground for the Communion Frameworks.    
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This story world ecosystem is an example of a mind map or general world model, representing the mind of an organization and/or individual.
The spatial proximity of the hubs, nodes, and their relationship with the broader platform relate to Qualia (the geometry of integrated information, i.e. subjective consciousness), cosmology (spatio-termporal memory networks / quantum graphity) and the structure of data in an integrated complex information processing system. In other words, from the relationships and informational exchanges between the story worlds, new systems, operating platforms (consciousness/spatial-temporal maps) could, in principle, begin to emerge on their own, without direct influence from users.

Opening the potential for an advanced AI capable of complex, nuanced critical thinking and decision making capabilities, travel across spatio-termporal boundaries, and other, more significant outcomes which I am currently investigating through Technoculture.

This illustration, from our speculative design project, The Navigator, shows the transmission of the full simulation environment through a channel. In this case, because both simulation environments are entangled with the ꙮ symbol, the symbol itself is encoded with the information necessary to permit the transmission.