XR Radio

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Rebellion for a better reality. For us, by us.
A.V.A is a Vietnamese-Caribbean reality tech gearhead and skater delivering food to all the 6 zones of Magic City, a seemingly utopian hyperreality where the digital and physical are completely merged. Trying to distinguish between what’s “real” and what’s not is a futile endeavor that most of the population either doesn’t trouble themselves with or are so overwhelmed with the complexity of the situation that they find themselves in, that they are stuck in aseemingly endless rabbit hole of conspiracy and entangled mystery. A.V.A leads XR Radio, an underground communications network run by a coalition of renegade “reality hackers” on a mission to defend their world from the invading powers that threaten to destroy their reality.

We have come together for a singular mission:
To defend the reality we call home.

- A.V.A

Coming Soon... Issue 1
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